My Own Private Cocktail – Week 1


Week 1 has been wrapped up in the books at La Maison Blanche. 

By far, this summer gig in Shelter Island has been a strange affair in many terms. One glowing reminder of oddity is that I’ve never lived at the place that I have tended bar or served as an employee of the establishment. During one of my double shifts (Lunch and Dinner) Thursday through Saturday, I take a 1-2 hour break before services. The odd thing is the very nature of a break for a bartender only extending beyond ten minutes outside puffing on a Lucy or catching up on a caffeine bump of coffee. The positive of having your bed two floors above you gains you a quick disco nap between shifts and/or catch up a bit on a quick bite of social media or a movie.

Or just the ability to shut down mentally and reconfigure yourself for the pending dinner service.

It was a long and exhausting run of days between dinner service on Wednesday night to brunch service on Sunday afternoon. Working at a summer resort gives you the ability to make certain drinks such as a Dirty Vodka Martini on ice in a wine glass with five olives, a “tall” Kamikaze with Grey Goose and Cointreau and my favorite – a Long Island Ice Tea with Hennessey instead of triple sec.


And let’s not forget that Rose’s Lime Juice is in everyone’s well or back bar and the cocktail lists are firmly stuck in 1992. Cosmo, cosmo, cosmo for all.

The big treat Sunday afternoon was a visit from my good mates Kelly Levison and Sean McClure for a G’Vine-sponsored Bastille Party at La Maison Blanche. For the event, I built the following cocktails:

 There’s Something About Mary
1.5 oz G’ Vine Nouaison Gin
1 oz Salt and Pepper Syrup*
1 oz oz Lillet Blanc
2 Red and 1 Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

  Muddle tomatoes with salt and pepper syrup. Add remaining ingredients and shake it till you hear “the click”. Double-strain neat in a chilled rocks glasses. Garnish with a smacked Basil leave on top of drink.

 *Salt and Pepper Syrup
1 tsp salt
2 tsp white peppercorns
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups hot water

Add all ingredients and steep for 10 minutes. Strain, label and refrigerator.

Let Them Eat Cake
1.5 oz G’ Vine Floraison Gin
1 oz Moroccan Grape Molasses
.5 oz Lemon juice
3 drops of Rose Water

 Add all ingredients to cocktail tin and top with ice. Lock it down and give it good shake. Strain over ice into a rocks glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

 After my shift ended, the crew filled up plastic pitchers full of Gin and Tonic plus an ice bucket full of limes and ice. We headed down to Sunset Beach for a few hours of sun and fun. Since my arrival on Shelter Island, I had spent the majority of my time hibernating inside with a few extra hours spent walking around the island. It was a grand experience to arrive at the beach and realize I have all summer to hit the beach before or after my shifts. And the G&Ts were consumed in fast fashion under the hot sun. 

 Yeah…let’s get summer started!






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