Thirty Days of Cocktails: 06/02/13 – The Viking Way


It appears I broke my own rule with this cocktail build.

I have had numerous conversations – either three sheets or completely sober – about how cocktails need to be simple builds. The Manhattan is a classic example. Whiskey, vermouth and bitters. Boom. The Sazerac – raw sugar, Peychaud’s, lemon peel, whiskey and absinthe. Keep ’em coming. Even the friggin’ Margarita is three ingredients – Tequila, an orange liqueur and lime juice. No salt for me please. But, at times, I get a little ridiculous and decided to make something that requires way too many things in one glass.

And here we have a very odd little duck called “The Viking Way”.

The base is Rhum J.M Gold. A beautiful Agricole Rhum from Martinique that rests for one year in recharred Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. It’s a beast at 100 proof and has lovely vanilla and wood tannins on the finish. The cocktail’s modifiers were not your usual suspects for the drink’s creation. Aquavit is the Scandinavian spirit spiced with herbs and a healthy dance of caraway. It is big time sexuality over in the Netherlands but a bit scarce in the US due to availability. My buddy Sother Teague at Amor y Amargo in NYC loves to substitute an order of a vodka and soda with either a juniper-infused vodka (aka Gin) or a caraway-infused vodka (aka Aquavit).

And it works every time.

The combination of the J.M Gold’s slight wood notes married with Aquavit and balanced out by Aperol – an Italian apertif – and Dolin Dry Vermouth produces a complex front with a long finish on back end highlighted by two dashes of Bitter Truth Orange Bitters.

The Viking Way
1.5 oz Rhum J.M Gold
.5 oz Aquavit
.5 oz Dry Vermouth
.5 oz Aperol
Orange Bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass. Top with ice and stir for 40-50 revolutions. Strain into coupe and garnish with orange peel.

Put on your favorite vinyl, sit back and take a long sip.


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