Thirty Days of Cocktails: 06/01/13 – Creole Shandy


Summertime in New York City is beyond brutal. Being a West Coast native, humidity is a dragon I prefer not to tangle with….ever. I grew up in the deserts of California – Bakersfield, Exeter, Visalia – and I know heat. A dry and comforting heat that is combatted by shade and water bottles. Humidity is the beast I’ve confronted once during a trip to see the cousins in St. Louis in the mid 90s. I fought that beast with copious six packs of Tequiza (the horror…the horror). True story – we actually depleted the local grocery of its entire inventory of Tequiza. Not a shining moment in the memory banks.

In the vein of summer time and beer with a citrus kick, I drummed up “The Creole Shandy” one Sunday afternoon after we had wrapped up our first Summer Brunch 2013 and I had the crazy notion to introduce my buddy Rob to the power and the glory of “Fast Five”. The only way to watch dudes covered in baby oil chase dudes in tight white t-shirts in fast cars in Brazil is with Miler High Life kicked up with some NO2 of boozy good times.

The Cocktail:

The Creole Shandy

Creole Shandy
1/2 oz Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb
1/2 oz lemon juice
A pint of your favorite pilsner (built for Miller High Life)

Add Shrubb and lemon juice to pint glass. Top with Miller High Life. Easy stir and drink up till you see the sun rises.

Rhum Clement’s Creole Shrubb is a superb blend of the finest white and aged Agricole Rhums, married with macerated Créole spices and sun-bleached bitter orange peels. Créole Shrubb burst with luscious aromas and flavors reminiscent of Martinique. It rocks with lemon juice and a cold Miller High Life.

Crush ’em this summer kids.


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