The Cocktail Front #5 – Thurs June 28 – 2012


To quote Will Smith – “Shit just got real”

Two of the finest examples of Midwestern and West Coast micro-distilling joining us for some Cocktail Boomtime – St. George Spirits from Alameda, CA and F.E.W. Spirits from Evanston, IL.

We are dropping a ton of boozy awesome goodtimes. St. George Spirits has been producing excellent micro-distilled spirits since 1982 and F.E.W Spirits is a recent player to the Midwestern distillery disco and is currently not available in New York City.

Andie from St. George will be in attendance with a tasting of St. George Spirits’ rocking line of booze and Master Distiller Paul Hletko of F.E.W. Spirits is bootleggin’ his booze to NYC for a special tasting of his solid line of spirits!

And…our Patron Saints of Grilled Magic — Food Freaks – are joining us with their excellent food truck. Check out their latest article in the New York Times

The Cocktail Front #5 Menu

St. George’s Dry Rye Gin, Apricot + Rosemary Shrub, lemon juice and Peychaud’s Bitters

The Don Draper
F.E.W. Spirits Rye Whiskey, Uncouth Vermouth’s Sanguine Vermouth and Dutch’s Colonial Cocktail Bitters

St George’s Breaking and Entering Bourbon, Uncouth Vermouth’s Very Berry Vermouth, Regan’s Orange Bitters and lemon and lime juice

Burning Down the House
F.E.W. Spirits’ American Gin, Verbena + Pink Peppercorn syrup, grapefruit juice and a base of Rose Cava

Hit me up for more info on the event –


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