The Cocktail Front #4 – Thurs June 7 – 2012


Hey you crazy kids!

Square One Organic Vodka and Rhum Clement are serving as our patron saints of the Cocktail Boomtime for the evening. Square One Vodka will be in attendance with a tasting of the solid vodka plus a special tasting of Rhum Clement’s Rums with The Booze Muse – Elana Effrat

Food Freaks is joining us with their excellent food truck. Check out their latest article in the New York Times

Here we go!

The Cocktail Front #4 Menu

The Kirk Lazarus
Square One Botanical Vodka, Chinatown Lychees + Hibiscus + Rose Hips Cordial, egg white, fresh lemon juice and Peychaud’s Bitters

Chaow Chu’s Delights
Square One Organic Vodka, Strawberry + Thai Basil syrup, fresh lime and soda

Rhum Clement V.S.O.P Rum, White Peony + Damascus Lavender Concentrate, agave syrup, fresh lemon juice and soda

Papa Cherry
Rhum Clement Premiere Canne Rum, Cherries A-Go-Go Shrub, Demerara syrup + fresh lime and grapefruit

Hit me up for more info on the event –


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