The Cocktail Front #1 – Tuesday March 22, 2012


So…we’ve placed the B-PUCHs on the back burner and have started up a new project called “The Cocktail Front”.

The long and the short is we take over an industrial space in Brooklyn, install a mobile bar, arrange DJs for our dance floor, coordinate a food truck to be parked out front and throw one hell of a cocktail shindig.

And…let’s give a shout out to our awesome backers – Brooklyn Gin and El Dorado Rum

The Cocktail Front #1 Menu:

Brooklyn Jungle Juice
Brooklyn Gin, BBC’s Lemongrass & Thai Chili syrup, Aperol and fresh orange juice

Bloody Ramboozle
El Dorado Spiced Rum, Blood Orange Sour Mix, Rosé Port and an egg white

The Tennessee Williams
Brooklyn Gin, Bespoke Vermouth’s Floret Vermouth & Regan’s Orange Bitters

The Yakuza Connection
El Dorado 8 Year Aged Rum, Passionfruit Black Tea Concentrate, Japanese Sake and BBC’s Caribbean Queen Bitters

Hit me up for more info about the event @


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