B-PUCH #18 – The Night in Review (through a foggy head)


Oh boy – that was a serious Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour last night in Prospect Heights.

First up – I brought the two defined cocktails – The Tyler Durden and The Dead Man’s Hand – along with three “experimental” builds I had been tinkering around with in The Cocktail Lab during the week. That foresight was a good “pull in case of emergency” action due to the horrendous traffic Gable encountered during his drive from the Tuthilltown distillery. I set up shop in Jim’s kitchen and laid out all of the necessary tools for battle. Jim poured a round of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon as a pre-mixer and my new barback – a furry dog named Emmett that doled out hugs upon command – was stationed next to the ice in case any of it fell on the floor. He loves ice. Go figure. At 7:25, the door bell rang – Emmett barked up a storm and it was GAME ON with Bob Fosse in my head talking to the mirror “It’s SHOWTIME!”

At 7:30 – Gable texted me and said he was about 15 minutes away. And people started to pour into the space – I chuckled at the fact that groups of people were standing outside on a quiet Prospect Heights block screaming “Matt Lauer can SUCK IT”. The third time the door bell rang – I answered it and had the person say it three times. Oh the little things that bring us such joy in the world.

Without Bourbon on hand to build “The Dead Man’s Hand’ – I informed the guests upon arrival that I had brought one of the three alternatives for the evening.

The Axis Powers
Cutty Sark Blended Scotch, BBC’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea Concentrate, Cynar and fresh lemon juice

Bonus points if you can figure out the reason for the cocktail’s name.

Orders of The Axis Powers and the Tyler Durdens were shaken and strained and dropped into guests’ hands and the place began to fill up. The door bell rang and Jim answered it. He asked for the code and Gable’s secret code was “It’s Gable”. I know – so original and damn clever.

Gable arrived in fine fashion carrying a box of Tuthilltown Spirits on his shoulder. I announced “The whiskey has arrived and now..let’s drink it!” With Hudson Baby Bourbon in my hand, I shook up a mess of “Dead Man’s Hand’ cocktails with an excellent Cava base. A dangerous drink as I noticed people drinking ’em like water after trekking across the Sahara.

Around 8:30 – I made a quick announcement thanking everyone for stopping on by for B-PUCH #18 (during an Everclear song!) and announced TWO new cocktails on the docket:

A Cool Summer Breeze (my Don Q cocktail submission)
Don Q Anejo Rum, muddled papaya, fresh lime juice and agave syrup served on the rocks with a float of Malta India

Burning Down the House
Hudson Manhattan Rye, Harvest Festival Vermouth, fresh lemon juice and Dutch’s Colonial Cocktail Bitters

By 9PM – I was out of papaya and Rum plus the Cutty Sark was poured out in rounds of shots. Everybody was having a solid time with bellies full of whiskey and rum and vodka. The Tyler Durden was a coup because I altered the recipe yesterday morning by adding a sparking Meyer Lemon and Grapefruit soda with a touch of agave as the drink’s third ingredient.

By 10PM and with stomachs grumbling – we finished up all of the cocktails and packed up the cooler for a bit of dinner at the Vanderbilt. Upon our arrival at the ‘Bilt – the server informed us that the kitchen was closing in 15 mins and we needed to place an order quick. I scanned the menu and order two of everything for the table. And let’s just say – we might not be welcomed back to the ‘Bilt anytime soon. A group of booze-soaked individuals devouring burgers, brussel sprouts and various fried things on a Wednesday night tend to be a bit rowdy.

Overall – a fine time out in Prospect Heights for B-PUCH #18. Big shout-out to Jim and Bianca for hosting B-PUCH #18, Galiano and Tuthilltown Spirits for their support of The Cause. Thank you to all that made the trek out to enjoy the cocktail wonderments.

Until we meet again at B-PUCH #19 – the immortal words of Tyler Durden…

Keep the faith and up the irons.



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