Tuthilltown Spirits and The Tyler Durden!


B-PUCH #18 is taking over an apartment in Prospect Heights and is bringing along Gable from Tuthilltown Spirits to spread the gospel of whiskey to the masses. Plus we’ll explore the world of forgotten Italian spirits with Liquore Galliano L’Autentico

For B-PUCH #18 – I built several cocktail-centric goodtimes. A D’Anjou Pear Vermouth with chamomile and honeysuckle. A Syrian-spiced syrup. Blood orange-infused vodka. And a wicked take on a Harvey Wallbanger.

AND..AND….AND…to keep up the educational angle to Foxtrot’s faithful – Gable from Tuthilltown Spirits is joining us for a tasting of their excellent Hudson Whiskey collection.

Mark your calendars for Thursday – March 1st – to join me and the Faithful in Prospect Heights for a night of cocktail wonderments – 
The Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour #18! 

Date: Thurs March 1st, 2012
Time: 7:30-9:30PM!
Contact: 415.370.5650

The secret phrase to gain entry-“Matt Lauer can suck it!

B-PUCH #18 Cocktail Menu

Dead Man’s Hand
Hudson Baby Bourbon, BBC’s D’Anjou Pear Vermouth, BBC’s Syrian Spiced syrup, lemon juice and a Cava base

The Tyler Durden
Blood Orange-infused Vodka, BBC’s Grapefruit Blossom syrup, Galliano and club soda


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