B-PUCH #17 – let’s get it ON!


B-PUCH #17 is shaping up to be akin to second row of a sold-out Iron Maiden concert at the Garden. You have been properly warned.

First up – the wacky winter season of NYC calls for a curious case of cocktails. So let’s start it up with a Strawberry Ginger Shrub. Hmm…what’s a shrub?Would you like to know more?

And…I found the necessity to address a common occurrence at all of the past B-PUCHs. People kind of…sort up.. getting pretty fraked up. And – as usual – I will take the blame for such calamties. BUT…this time around – our Hostess – Mr. Rachael Mamane – is a knock-out-of-the-park chef AND bites of delicious food will be available to soak all of the lovely cocktails.

AND..AND….AND…to keep up the educational angle to Foxtrot’s faithful – we are having a solid whisky tasting with Macallan 10 Fine Oak, Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky, and Famous Grouse 12 Year Malt Whisky along with the cocktails and food!


So let’s keep get our daughters all dolled up for “Toddlers and Tiaras” and join us for The Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour #17! 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday – February 8th – to join me and the Faithful at the Chocolate Lofts in Clinton Hill for night of cocktail wonderments – The Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour #17! 

Date: Wed February 8th 2012
Time: 7:30-9:30PM!
Location: Email me for location!
Contact: 415.370.5650

The secret phrase to gain entry-“The new phonebook is HERE!

B-PUCH #17 Cocktail Menu

Brooklyn Boogie Woogie
Brooklyn Gin, Foxtrot’s Strawberry Ginger Shrub, fresh lemon juice and a float of Aperol

Ride the High Country
Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky, Foxtrot’s South African Red Rooibos Tea Concentrate, Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry and Regan’s Orange Bitters

Please RSVP if you are planning on stopping on by for a bit of cocktail magic. . All drinks are gratis and a swear jar will be provided for tips.


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