Howard Beale and the East Indian Trading Company


Summer has finally arrived in New York City and it’s time for a bit of cocktail wonderment to celebrate the end of scarves and gloves and frozen toes and the wicked Arctic wind and the slushy snow.

And without further adieu – The Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hour #6 is primed to swing from the rafters next Wednesday – June 22nd.

El Dorado Rum and The Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky has gracefully provided the booze for the evening’s festivities!

Ms. Cecily Cohen is serving as B-PUCH’s hostess and is providing a safe haven for our cocktail fun fun fun.

The Cocktail List:

The Howard Beale
Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whiskey, Dr. Bingo Bailey’s Americana Vermouth and Orange Sunshine Bitters

The East Indian Trading Company
El Dorado 5 Year Aged Rum, Dr. Bingo Bailey’s StrawBasil Syrup, fresh Lime juice and Dr. Bingo Bailey’s Strawberry Red Dawn Bitters

Please drop me a line @ if you are planning on stopping on by for a bit of cocktail magic. All drinks are gratis and a swear jar will be provided for tips.


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